I am aware that people have the right to have their creation protected. The internet has made the protection of copyright right very difficult to manage. From a quick Google search I can access millions of creations and with a simple ctrl function I can keep it as my own.
Exploration and Filtration:
This site is the best site I have ever read about copyright law. The language was easy to understand and I like how they gave real-world examples of what the law is and is not and how schools should interpret it.
I learned that I have broke copyright laws in my years of teaching without knowing. The intent of the use is most important and if they ask you to stop using their property, stop!
__isafe.org__ was the link I followed:

1. offers individuals, teachers, parents and school districts packaged programs on internet safety and digital citizenship. The packages are offered on different levels. Basic CIPA/eRate compliance to Premium CIPA/eRate with PD and training materials. The site offers kid friendly lessons for all ages. The lessons and activities include: internet safety issues including Cyber Community, Citizenship, Cyber Bullying, and Cyber Security. The site also offers lessons on Personal Safety, Digital Literacy, Predator Identification and Intellectual Property. This site was established in 1998 as a non-profit internet safety organization known as i-Safe. The basic packages start at $300/yr for an individual and $1500/yr for a school district with 5-49 schools. The “Gold Plus” Package is $770/yr for an individual and $3300/yr for a school district with 5-49 schools. Seems like a lot of money, but this price does include assessment and teacher certification of compliance with eRate.

2. This site does include some great lessons for the classroom. But I know that there are resources of equal value found elsewhere for little or no cost. The other sites may not be able to “verify” that the teachers are CIPA/eRate compliant, but I’ve never heard of this being an issues in the three districts I have worked for. The materials are only accessible with a paid subscription.

3. In my new position I have read a lot about eRate and CIPA. eRate is the discount schools receive for being CIPA compliant. My district could not afford to pay for the high-speed internet without the discounts they receive from eRate. The government has recently changed some of the wording in eRate so schools are double-checking they are following CIPA to keep the discount. Until districts start losing their eRate funding for non-compliance of CIPA, I don’t see how this site will be necessary. I can see the site being a great tool to monitor teachers and students and their learning about these topics. The analytics look cool, and a district IT director can easily see if they are at risk of being non-compliant.