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For help prepare the teachers at the Freshman Academy for every student carrying around a Chromebook next semester, the principal approached me and asked me what I though of him allowing the students use their cell phones outside the classroom between classes in the common areas. He wondered if student would use the cell phones responsibly and if the would contribute to learning. The principal really wants to create an environment where learning takes places in all areas and times at his site. He wanted me to take a survey of his students and teachers and see how they feel about "Cell Phones and Online Learning". My survey was directed to this group of people. Because the teachers who will be part of the pilot will not change from now to next semester, I did not collect data on age and country of origin since these variables will not give any useful data. I sent the survey to all the teachers at the Freshman Academy and I sent the survey to 3 former students who attend the Freshman Academy. The power of social media took over, after sending the link to three students, I had over 50 responses from freshman students in about 60 minutes! Overall I receive more responses from students than teachers but the results surprised me and probably will surprise others when they think about how they think the teachers vs the students thought about "Cell Phones and Online Learning"

Survey (Using Google Docs)

Google Forms automatically creates graphs of the summary of the results. (I messed up when I setup my survey so I couldn't use the summaries in my analysis. :( I should have made two seperate surveys, one for students, one for teachers. I had to disaggregate the data manually. )

Summary of Responses: (Automatically generated)


Responses before disaggregation:

Teacher responses:
Student Responses:

Analysis Summary:
The teachers are more consistent on their feeling towards Cell Phones and Online learning. The students on the other hand are all over the place. I was expecting that the student responses would be more opposite of the teachers. Even as 9th graders, many of them feel that cell phones can distract from learning and that cell phones are not always great online tools.